Changing Life’s Direction

We've decided as a society to move as quickly as technology can take us. I don't need to even be at my computer to write this post. I'm sitting on my porch using my iPhone with the sun coming over the horizon. Perhaps we've made the choice to do things ever faster because we, without even …

The Ultimate Guitar VST Instrument List… (well maybe)

The ultimate list of guitar VST instruments compiled from the internet.

To All My Fellow Bass Guitarists…

Hello everybody I just stumbled onto a great sheet looking at bass chords. I wish I had this years ago. It makes sense to me and my brain so I thought I'd share it with whomever. Enjoy!

A Word About Tom Hess…Guitar God!

I was dumb to send this yahoo my contact information BEFORE I actually did a little reading about him. I must have had a momentary lapse or reason or perhaps had a stroke but I typically do not and would not sign up for this but on the exterior it all looked great. But thanks to my …

Social Media!

So Ive spend the last forever amount of hours setting up some pages. There is NOTHING on them no I lied. This post SHOULD have automatically loaded on these pages...not yet of course (Im still writing the text). this some sort of weird tear in the time/space universal fabric?  

High Speed Hell Ride 

The new tune is almost done! It's sounding pretty cool so I sent it out to the world. Check it out and if you like it please let me know and all your like minded metal heads!

High Speed Hell Ride mix down

I was going through some old riffs and songs from last year and found a video of me writing this bass line/riff. It originally became a song but since the Black Spot thing appears to be on permenant hold I decided to rework some of the parts. The chorus needed to be redone and there …

Layaway Update 

Possibly you my only reader (I love you by the way!!) read a post I wrote a couple weeks ago about layaway.  Oh How I hate you Layaway Picked up this baby today after waiting for a little while. Probably not unlike a father picking up his new kid from the orphanage.  Totally worth …

The Part I Dread….Vocals

Needless to say I don't have the sweetest of singing voices. I'm ok with that reality. Let's say I've learned to live with all kinds of inadequacies so not having sexy vocal chords isn't the end of the world. But now that I'm writing music on my own currently (hoping that changes soon!!) I feel …


Beautiful and passionate. Im going to hire you my deary

The Darkest Fairytale

Nobody wants to die inside,
But when you meet someone
That makes you feel alive
It’s worth every risk
Every breath beneath your wall,
To let them inside
And give them your very all.


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Oh How I hate you Layaway

Layaway the tease of shoppers. Find yourself in a strip club? You'll tend to walk away feeling a little...well teased with a side of unsatisfied. Well the same is true for a shopper that wanders into a pawn shop. I will say that I dont own one ounce or even a pinch of self control …

How I Create My Music

A simple workflow that has made my home recording experience more productive.