Somehow I Ended Up Here

At the time of this entry (my first)…lucky you…I’ve been playing the bass guitar for a year plus a few months. I never thought that I would ever find myself in a position to be able to change my life, for better or worse. I’ve spent the majority of my life dreaming of a life where I could be imaginative and creative. I typically don’t dwell on my past but I always regretted not taking music seriously. I tried…kinda…to play the guitar probably a half dozen times but it just never stuck. Like so many others from my generation, I have a short attention span. So if something doesn’t grab me early and super quick I tend to drop it. I wish that was the case for other aspects of my life (maybe it explains those other things actually…something for a different note).


Music has always been at the core of my heart and soul. I remember a quote by Kirt Cobbain, “People that Truely LOVE music tend to play it”. Or one stated by Henry Rollins, “…” These two quotes from two of, in my uneducated opinion, genuine musical powerhouses stuck with me and haunted me for years.

No longer….

So I’m a bit of a transitional period…

Losing my job wasn’t really the plan because I was making good money while only working three twelve hour shifts a week. You can probably guess but I worked in healthcare. I still am a respiratory therapist in this state but getting fired isn’t really a good thing. Maybe one day I’ll feel comfortable speaking about what actually happened but until that day comes mums the word. Don’t hold your breath…Anyway, if I was to get fired and potentially destroy my still good 15 year old record in the field…the timing was perfect(ish). I was horriblebly burnt out and had been dreaming of a life making music for fucking years.

The time is now.

One Reply to “Somehow I Ended Up Here”

  1. Damn. Losing your job sucks. I hope that you find something again that not only pays the bills, but has meaning for you and lets you contribute to the world. I also work in healthcare, but from a different slant. I design EMR software for nursing homes. I’ve worked with a lot of PT/OT/ST but never respiratory therapists. If you need to vent, do it. I’ve seen the corruption inherent in a lot of the industry – we’re based out of NY. I also started around the same time as you. Its been about 14 or 15 years for me.

    Also – you’ve only been playing for a little over a year? Wow! You’re fantastic for that. Do you have a musical background? I’m learning bass now, and I’m a few years older than you at 41. My main blog is about me stumbling all over the place trying to learn.


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