Changing of the Guard

This weekend ends one chapter and starts another…

Rob, my housemate for the last year, band mate (kinda), and rehab bud, is moving out on Monday to return back to Boulder. His departure is a sad experience for me. On one hand he and I had our differences. I think mostly because of our age difference. I’m 38 and he’s 24. We come from two different worlds and that created maybe a little tension. But I will miss him or maybe I’ll miss the possibility of the Chris and Rob band that could have been something really cool. We had a amazing time for a little while playing music and creating together but that all suddenly changed about 6 months ago. I continued to want to collaborate because it always felt good. Rob however just kinda stopped. I’ve never been able to get an explanation from him…it really is a mystery to me. I’ll miss his friendship. I wont miss his laziness. He rarely helps clean up the place and so that left me with doing 95% of the chores around the house which also includes me paying for pretty much everything that we shared…toilet fucking paper!!! But in a weird way that’s become normal and comfortable to me. I’ll miss him and honestly I think I’ve already missed the idea of him for quite some time.

Coming in is a big dude named Dan. I don’t know much about him but he seems much more put together. He’s closer to my age and seems MUCH more willing to help out around the place. He also is some sort of competitive grill man…I don’t know the details but the man rolled in it ha grill and smoker…swwweeettt. I’m looking forward to seeing how this next year goes. I suppose from a roommate stand point it probably can only get better. I feel rotten saying that but I want to be honest.

Dan you have a lot to prove…don’t et me down!


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