A New Member to the Family

My Schecter was in need of a good mid-Summer adjustment so I went down to one of the 3 local guitar shops here in town. Believe it or not all three are within 2 blocks of each other in downtown Longmont Colorado. All three shops have something to offer but I think I’ve found the one that I’ll be loyal too. I was a frequent customer of the 4th and at the time the oldest music store in town, Miller Music. Miller was within the same radius that these anther stores are currently in!!! Imagine 4 guitar stores, all within a stones throw of each other in sleepy little Longmont. Weird man! Anyway Miller closed their doors 2 months ago so I kinda felt like I was without a music home.
This morning I took my Schecter down to Larry’s Guitar Store to get it fixed up and to do a little window shopping. I had it in the back of my head that if they had a Fender JB (Jazz Bass) I would have to convince myself NOT to buy it. Larry’s didn’t have a good selection of bass guitars however but Larry himself seemed really knowledgeable and was super nice so I left my Schecter with him to get tuned up.
Down the street about 50 yards away is Guitars Etc. A fairly large guitar store with a great selection of guitars and, as usual, a limited number of bass guitars to look at but they usually have a Fender Bass in stock…BUT they open at 11 am. At the time it was still 1030 so I kept on walking by and strolled into Jensen Guitars who like Larry’s opens at 10 am. I had no idea that this store even existed and in fairness they are they newest addition out of the 3 remaining guitars stores on Main Street. I immediately felt at home in Jensen. The vibe was loose and welcoming. I felt right at home. I made my way over to the bass section which was on par with pretty much every music store in the region SMALL. However on the rack of mostly meh bass guitars I see a grey and black 2008 American Standard Jazz Bass. At the time I didn’t think it was a used bass it was so clean. I had fiddled around with other Fender basses in the past and honestly it wasn’t that earth moving for me but for some reason this one just seemed to become part of me and it just felt so right in my hands. I plugged it in and wow it sounded just like I wanted it to. Light but punchy and with both pickups turned up it gets angry and growls…fucking beautiful! At this point the really nice salesman (sorry dude I forget your name) and I were just chatting about the Jazz bass vs. the more famous Fender bass, the Precision Bass. Both affirming that truely the JB was a better playing instrument than the PB. A VERY GOOD SALESMEN TO SAY THE LEAST. During this conversation he told that the original owner was a middle aged guy that had bought a couple of high end basses with the intention of learning to play but it never took so he came into the shop and unloaded them. The bass in my hands had been there for about six weeks…everybody that came in loved her but couldn’t afford her.
Well, at this point I knew that this was destiny and that it was my duty as a bass player and fucking decent human being to save this lost soul and bring her home to the family. I bought “smoke” (yep her name is smoke) right there on the spot. I grabbed the recipt from the salesman and with Smoke safe and sound in her case I practically ran out of the store…I felt like I was rescuing a enslaved immigrant family or something. It felt amazing and now as I type this I am still beeming with happiness.
So here you go…I introduce Smoke:

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