Some New Gear…Cleaning Up My Pedal Board

Yesterday I was in a bad place and for some reason I had a bug up my ass to change out the MXR bass DI that I had at the end of my pedal chain with a SansAmp. Now bear in mind I actually very rarely used the MXR DI…almost never in fact. So as far as I was concerned I needed to be cheered up and I rationalized the $200 price tag as money towards a pedal I would actually use. I’m so crazy at times! So I go down to the Guitars Inc one of the 3 guitar stores in Longmont to buy the thing. I get it home and take the time to get the chain all set up nicely only to foldout the SansAmp doesn’t work. It won’t turn on….

The old board…and YES I made the board myself. Save $ when you can

I tear the Velcro off the back of the pedal and redox it as nicely as I can and jump back into the car to return it. The store clerk didn’t initially believe me but after a few tests he gave me $227 store credit. I decided to buy a Shut distortion pedal for $200. I had heard many great things and honestly I’ve always wanted a boutique distortion pedal. Happy with myself I go home and test the pedal which works awesome with my bass. I then proceeded to, once again, convince myself that I need a new bass DI and new compressor. I never liked the BOSS compressor/sustainer that I bought a couple months ago. So I overnighted another $360 worth of pedals from Sweetwater which arrived today around 1100.  I took some time and this time tested everything BEFORE hooking it all up. All worked beautifully. I will write a full review of these new effects pedals and the board itself tomorrow. 

The new pedal setup …sounds awesome!

I’ll go into detail on how everything sounds and why I have it all configured the way I do soon. I’m still fiddling with it a little. It would be nice if all the pedal companies would get together and agree to a similar input/output system. The AC wiring is the worst! 

Any comments or questions? I’d love to answer them 

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