What I want this little page to be…for me. 

Hello, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Like more than 30 seconds of serious in the noodle time. What’s good content for this blog or website. I want to play music for a living…but I’m not there yet. That makes it tough ethically in my mind to ramble on about nothing but band or music topics when I am myself still trying to become the expert that ,you the reader, would and should read from. I have insite and some knowledge but expert I am not YET. 

So then does the website then become a daily and very public journal of this path learning a experimentation? I will say partially. Because the music is about 79% of all I do day to day. So yes you will read about those types of topics. 

How about just not being personal at all and simply be another commentary on the world as you see it? I definatly have opinions and see the world from my own narrow perspective. I like to share opinion but isn’t the internet and most media now-a-days just that? And once again I don’t have the credentials or experience to validate my opinion. So why would anyone be intrested in reading what I think about Donald fucking Trump? 

In conclusion which seems rather fast but I can’t stand writing for more than 5 minutes on my phone….this website or blog will be:

  1. Personal and somewhat intimate at times but still legal for all readers…I should probably check what the laws are.
  2. I will be writing about my experiences as I roll through life. If I deem it worthy of my time then I’ll write about it. And if you enjoy what you see (you the reader) please let me and others know. 
  3. It will have a focus on music but only because that’s. The center of my current universe. This could change tomorrow but not likely. 
  4. I’m just going to try to have a little fun. 


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