Oh How I hate you Layaway

Layaway the tease of shoppers. Find yourself in a strip club? You’ll tend to walk away feeling a little…well teased with a side of unsatisfied. Well the same is true for a shopper that wanders into a pawn shop. I will say that I dont own one ounce or even a pinch of self control when it comes to buying what I see and WANT. No no NEED!

For some unforseen reason today I managed to control my spending enough to agree to layaway a nice Dean acoustic bass guitar. On any other day I would have forgon eating for a week to have what ever it is…especially a new-used instrument. But I did it. My first layaway experience. However I left with a mixture of emotions: 

All I have is this picture and a dream
  • Happiness – I found a good deal on a killer axe!!
  • Disapointment – is there a better consumer feeling than walking out to your car with your new prize? Nope
  • And a clear sense of being teased. So I satisfied. 

Now I’ll have to wait at least a week or two to finally feel whole again. 

But hey at least I got 16% off…

Written on the move…cheers

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