A Word About Tom Hess…Guitar God!

I was dumb to send this yahoo my contact information BEFORE I actually did a little reading about him. I must have had a momentary lapse or reason or perhaps had a stroke but I typically do not and would not sign up for this but on the exterior it all looked great. But thanks to my passed away father I’ve learned some core values and skills that I use almost daily. This one we’ve all heard. I heard it first from Dad:

“If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.”

MR TOM HESS himelf…Honestly I WANT to believe that people like this exist! The real ones probably don’t advertise in Craigslist…hmmmm


In every instance I’ve listened to that advice Ive been on the winning end. So once I sent in my information to Mr Hess’ company (fool!!!!) I was told that within a couple of days I would be contacted directly to be informed on whether or not Ive been accepted into this very exclusive club (the first sign of BULLSHIT “exclusivity”). And wow within 24 yours I received a personal email from the legend himself (haha right…it probably was sent by him but he’s no legend) telling me that Ive been selected to be one of the very special hand selected applicants to be accepted this year. BUT I had to act NOW or Id lose my seat. If I’m that special to Mr. Hess a little bit of warning would be nice before asking for my money…the other sign of BULLSHIT “urgency”…By this time (well 23 hours earlier) I knew it was all bullshit.

So I decided to draft a letter. This exactly what I sent to him as of 30 minutes ago. Please read and enjoy BUT STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT BALD THIEF!!!

Hello Mr Hess,

I want to thank you for your personal attention in the matter of my musical education. 

PLEASE READ ON because I really am going to be honest and fair. This isn’t hate mail or me being irrational. I simply want to give you my point of view. 

To be very honest with you I was excited about the opportunities that this program attempts to provide but then I went back and reviewed all the information that you’re organization saturates communities with I was a little disappointed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that would explain to me how many of the chosen “small and special group” (of which I’m a member) there are and how many applicants were turned away. I also didn’t find any clear information showing how many actually attend, finish, and are successful (in part because of your course) post completion. How do you measure success? This I would assume would be a clear indicator to have available (and be proud to show off) to your prospective students. “Success” being pretty much the only thing I could find as a marker for how well your company actually educates. I couldn’t find any other markers or indicators that are commonly used by many other schools, colleges, universities, and institutions to assess, train , and track the progress of their students. Nor could I find any statistics, unbiased reading material, or any other forms of evidence that would help me decide to spend my very hard-earned money on your company. I’m sure that you’ve had success in the past and will in the future but I just don’t see anything other than a vague promise to give me all the necessary items, connections, and tools to become a successful musician. 

You are clearly an accomplished and successful musician. I’m sure that anybody that would have daily contact with you as a mentor would greatly benefit from the experience. Unfortunately you have a lot of bad press out on the internet. When I googled your name I found some positive articles (most coming from your company) but I was stunned to see how much BAD PRESS you have out there. This was the third webpage listed on a Tom Hess Google search: 

Not a great first impression. I consider myself to be a relatively smart and intelligent person that tries to make thoughtful and informed choices. After reviewing you and your company I would have to be a FOOL to give you a nickel of my money. 

In closing, I truly do appreciate and respect you as a musician but unfortunately I don’t feel confident enough in your company to hand you my very hard-earned money to you. 

Please do not continue to attempt to contact me IN ANY FORM (phone, text, mail, EMAIL, pony express, etc) as I will never enroll in this or any other program linked in any way to your company or your person. 

I really do wish you the very best of luck!


On Jan 24, 2017 at 17:02, <Tom Hess> wrote:
Hi Chris,
A few days ago, I accepted you (among a small special group of other musicians) into the Music Careers Mentoring Program, but for some reason you didn’t reserve your spot yet. I’m curious why you are you hesitating to take this important step for your music career.
The other musicians who have been accepted ‘jumped’ all over this with zero hesitation whatsoever.
Please hit the reply button and tell me why you are hesitating.
Tom Hess
P.S. To move forward >> https://tomhess.net/BuildYourMusicCareer.aspx

If you don’t wish to receive these messages, go here

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