The Ultimate Guitar VST Instrument List… (well maybe)

Here it is all you nasty guitar lovin’…thrash slingin’…fake guitar gods out there! Ive compiled a list of as many guitar VSTi programs in one sitting as possible.

Why did I do something so foolish?

4 reasons

Reason 1: I couldn’t find a list like this anywhere. You can find lists for sure but they’re all partial lists.

Reason 2: To be able to have  a central location where musicians can vote and say they’re piece about virtual guitars.

Reason 3: For as difficult as they are to get right and for as long as we all spend (At least I do) working trying to get the right combo of FX, plugins, doubles, triples, and quadruples of guitars layered onto one another…there should be a nice central location to share ideas and pass knowledge onto those newer to this whole thing.

Reason 4: A fast way for new digital song writers to see whats the preferred programs vs the ones that look killer but suck shit.

The Rules (as currently written by me)

  1. These programs as far as I can tell where designed to be a virtual instrument focused on emulating a guitar.
  2. This list doesn’t have any bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, or any other guitaresk instrument. These lists will come soon starting with bass.
  3. No software that only focuses on FX. Not to say that the amplifier emulators and stomp box wizards aren’t absolutely necessary in making these monsters sound something like a guitar. Your list will come too…patience.

I did the best I could looking around for a few hours digging up this list. Obviously I’ve missed several floating around out there. If you know of one or more that I’ve missed please message me and I’ll get it up.

As always comment comment comment and share amongst those you love and/or hate.

So here you go!


For those of us that have used a few or maybe even all (haha) of these instruments please vote on your top 3 below:

As always comment comment comment and share amongst those you love and/or hate.

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