Changing Life’s Direction

We’ve decided as a society to move as quickly as technology can take us. I don’t need to even be at my computer to write this post. I’m sitting on my porch using my iPhone with the sun coming over the horizon. Perhaps we’ve made the choice to do things ever faster because we, without even thinking it, have decided to try to slow the clock down on our own lives.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Maybe it’s not possible but we, without our permission, have actually sped things up in our own lives so much that our perception of time has shortened. That’s a scary thought for me.

Regardless of is my little attempt at a scientific look at our addiction with getting things done faster, my life over the last 10 years has moved far too quickly it seems. I love my life. Granted there are points that I’d like to use the fast-forward button on but I’m enjoying most of my time spent with all you people here on Earth.  But maybe it can be better.

It occurred to me a few years ago that I had two basic choices in how I was going to live the rest my life:

Stay of the wave of life, letting it take you for a ride

I’m talking about essentially take the path of least resistance. Which in my situation was to continue earning money in a job, that had become a career, waiting for retirement in the hopes that I’ll still have the energy and money to do the things I really wanted to do all my life up to that point. The choice for me was to be relatively unhappy everyday while dragging my miserable ass to work just to be able to live my life and be happy, maybe, down the road.


Jump off the wave

Change your situation and take chances all in the hope of being happy and fulfilled NOW or as soon to NOW as possible. Now by jumping off that wave you’re going to struggle to keep your head above water and at times it might feel like your drowning but if you keep fighting you’ll make it to solid ground and to a new life. And there is the chance that you tire out and “drown”. Returning you to a similar situation before you made the jump.

Option 2 is damn scary and posses a lot of opportunities to fail while option 1 is much safer. I think most people opt to stay up on the easy wave of life because it’s the safest and easiest thing to do. There is nothing wrong with that choice. I admire people who literally sacrifice their dreams to work hard for their children so that their kids will have a happy and successful life. Or to anybody else for whatever reason chooses to  bust their knuckles everyday in the hopes of a good retirement or a better tomorrow.

But that wasn’t going to be my choice…

I opted for the jump and went into the troubled waters head first before really knowing how to swim. I just couldn’t continue living my life on that wave. Sure I gave up a lot: money, routine, some friends, and safety. The one thing I miss the most is the steady paycheck…a lot.

I assume most people including my family that witnessed me make this choice and dive in probably think I’m nuts. Hell, there are times when I THINK I’M NUTS but that hasn’t stopped me before and it’s not stopping me now.

As I sit here writing these words I am still in the fight of my life to keep my head above water. Most days are a struggle but I have gained: a sense of direction and purpose, a life filled with surprise and personal triumphs, and finally personal strength knowing that I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN just as long as I keep fighting to keep my head above water and change life direction.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.'”

Mary Anne Radmacher

I think most people can be happy while finding those little nuggets of happiness in their life’s while still riding their own wave through life. Our society makes it very difficult to make a choice in favor of change. There are these very clear pathways that over the course of time our culture (western) has grooved into the time we have on Earth. We’ve been told from early in life to be good at school, be responsible, be respectful, graduate, get a good job, get married, make babies, own a home, follow the written and unwritten rules made by someone else that probably doesn’t know who the hell you are…you get the point.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”

Ayn Rand

To be different and to do things that go against what society has thought best for you isn’t easy. But when you stop and think about it…IS there really anything, outside the law, holding you back from trying to do what you, as a young kid, dreamt about being or doing? This is your life and your potential happiness on the line here folks! Is there anything more important? Ok, I get it your kids! This is true and if I had any I’d feel the same but then let me ask one last question.

Is it ever too late?

“Every moment is a fresh beginning”

T.S. Eliot

Raise your kids to be happy and successful and if that’s all you needed to live the rest of your life in happiness then you’re all set! But I’m speculating that for a lot of people once they’ve grown up enough to move out of the house there is a sense of misdirection, What a great time to sit down and make a choice about the rest of your life. Or maybe you’re 5 or 10 years from retirement but you’re miserable…perhaps it’s time to make the choice to ride that wave or jump off and try your hardest to be the person you’ve always dreamt of being. Whatever choice you make go into it hard and do the very best you can.

It’s your life and yes the choice is yours.

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