Leather Zombie

History of Leather Zombie

This was the very first song that I independently recorded. The song is a cover from a band named “The Phantom Rockers”. Its just a great tune that I always thought would be a fun cover to record and play. The quality is pretty poor.  Give me a little slack it was my first time! Nevertheless I was still really proud of myself when I decided to finish working on it for the time being. The learning curve was so steep that I worked on it for days and weeks mainly because I wasn’t all that familiar with any of the software I was using. It was a daily occurrence where I would screw something up and have to restart. At the time I didn’t have a system for saving versions as I went.

Early lyric notes

The plan is to come back to this song and rearrange and completely rerecord. Im hoping to get to it by the end of the summer.


I know that most of what I think are the right lyrics are what I used but without any info online I had to make good guesses…