Thanks for stoping by and checking out HOLD FAST a band out of Northern Colorado. I say band but right now its just me. This weird looking guy:

4/4 Studio

The goal is naturally world domination by whatever means nessesary OR just trying to enjoy my remaining years on this  crazy planet.

My name is Chris. Ive been in love with rock n roll in all its forms since the first time I heard a KISS track in the mid 80s. From KISS I fell is love with Guns N’ Roses and all the typical bands of that era: Motley Crue, Skid Row, ACDC, and probably even Poison…maybe (I don’t remember). Then right around the time I moved with my family to a shitty little town called Berthoud I heard for the very first time Metallica’s Master of Puppets album. I had never heard anything like it before and well the rest is history. Metal and punk have been the mainstays of my musical diet for almost 30 years but as Ive grown my palate has evolved to where I can appreciate all forms of music and even listen to a little country or hip hop without nausea.


So people ask me occasionally what’s the significance of HOLDFAST to me? Well its definitely more that one thing for me. Historically it comes from over 100 years ago when sailers would have it tattooed onto their hands to help then hold onto ships rigging during stormy seas. The first time I remember ever seeing that specific type of tattoo was the first time I watched a film called Master and Commander. One of the older deck hands is seen holding onto a rope or piece of sail while the ship iOS in a horrible storm thousands of miles away from their home of England. On his knuckles the words HOLD and FAST. I thought it was really cool and I immediately grasped the significance of it to that particular character.

hold fast
From the film Master and Commander

As the years of my life went by I always had that thought in my mind whenever things got tough for me. So eventually after a couple weeks in a hospital I decide to turn over a new leaf and get it put on me as well. So to me it means inner strength, resilience, and personal triumph after surviving personal tragedy. It also reminds me of some of my families heritage as several of my family members have served in the Navy. I was a Marine…yeah it makes sense once you get to know me.

Anyway that’s what HOLDFAST means to me maybe now you’ll have a better understanding why Ive got it all over the damn place.

Thanks again for checking out my site and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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