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Back when I started drown the road of recording my own songs I didn’t have a clue where to start. I knew that I wanted to get my song ideas recorded and sent out to the public but I would get so frustrated with the processes. I did a lot of looking around on the internet for any information that would streamline my workflow in recording, mixing, and mastering. What I found was frankly overwhelming. There are a TON of websites out there designed to show you the HOW to record, mix, etc. but I wanted to know the WHY. It wasnt good enough to just be able to follow a checklist hoping something bad wouldn’t happen. On many occasions I found that when I was in a snag (a minute it minute occurrence early on) the available information was scattered and incomplete.


Then I found David Vignola’s website Home Recording Made Easy. From the moment I began to watch his free lessons on YouTube I began to improve as the veil of mystery was slowly lifted. I’m so convinced that David’s home recording products will work for anyone who wants an easy to follow but in-depth and complete look at all aspects of home recording that Ive become an associate of Home Recording Made Easy. Believe me these lessons will make a difference whether you’re a beginner or someone who been recording music for some time. If I didn’t think these videos worked I would have it on my website!

If you are serious about taking your song ideas and transforming them to sound amazing and professional you really need to check out these great educational products by David Vignola.

Recording in Presonus Studio One Made Easy – $14.95 USD  A Beginners Guide to Recording in S1

img_8368Recording In Presonus Studio One is a training series that will teach you on how to do everything from hooking up your hardware to your computer, install and register your software with Presonus, record an entire song using a very small and modest recording studio set-up and finally mix that song using only the tools that come with Presonus Studio One.

This series is nearly 3 hours in length and has 10 video sections. All is filmed in HD to give you the best in audio and video quality. There is nothing on the market quite like this and this series was developed along with Presonus to ensure that we produced the best training product available.

Whether you have switched from another DAW to Studio One or if you are brand new to home recording this series is for you. You do not need any prior experience to recording at home in your own studio. I take you set by step through the entire process and I explain everything in a simple and easy way to understand.

Mixing Made Easy VOL 1 – $14.95 USD
Complete Beginners Guide to Mixing a Song

img_8367MIXING MADE EASY VOL 1 Is truly an amazing video tutorial. This tutorial run almost seven hours in length and has nine different sections. I take you through an entire mix from start to finish in “real time”. Meaning, I did not listen to the song prior to hitting the record button. I had no idea what the client sent me, what the song sounded like or the quality of the recording.

This give you the actual experience of receiving a project from a client and working though it. I go into great detail explaining EVERYTHING I am doing and the best part is that I show not only the “WHAT” but also the “WHY”. You will earn a great deal from this tutorial especially if you are a beginner or an intermediate mix engineer. I consider this the “play-book” for any mix engineer. You will not need to purchase another mixing tutorial ever again! Here is what you get

1. Sven hours of video training broken into nine sections
2. Audio files so you can mix the song along with me in real-time
3. EQ Frequency Guide. Great to help you effectively apply EQ
4. Basic Guide to Compression. Get “clear” on compression once and for all!
5. My Mixing Process Checklist.
6. My “Tips to Remember” checklist.

Mixing Made Easy VOL 2 – $14.95 USD
Advanced Mixing Concepts and Techniques

img_8370MIXING MADE EASY 2.0 ADVANCED MIXING CONCEPTS & TECHNIQUES is by far the most comprehensive mixing training tutorial on the market today and at a price that simply can’t be compared too! Version 2.0 picks up where the first MIXING MADE EASY left off and I show you 8 new concepts that will help bring your mix to the next level. What I show you in this series is what sets a professional mix apart from an amateur mix and I know you will love this series.
Here are the topics / concepts that were not a part of the original series:
1.Early Reflections
2.Parallel Compression (all instruments)
3.EQ filtering
4.Vintage console emulation plugins (channel strips)
5.Selective vintage EQ & Compression for enhancement
6..Drum Phase correction
7.The 3-D Sound field concept
8.David’s 12 step mixing plan

This is a 14 video series with over 11 hours of training at one amazing price! You will also receive the .WAV files so you can mix along with me. Get yours today!

MIXING In Presonus Studio One Made Easy – $14.95 USD A Beginners Guide To Mixing & Mastering

img_8369MIXING PRESONUS STUDIO ONE V3 MADE EASY is a product that is geared towards someone who has limited experience with Presonus Studio One version 3. It focuses on the basics, everything from creating and setting up a session, the mixing process, the mastering process and so much more. Everything is done using only stock plugins. This series will teach you how to create a professional sound mix using only the tools that comes stock with Presonus Studio One. I also show many “how-to” tasks in S1 that will help your overall workflow. This series does not focus on actual “recording” in Studio One. It focuses on how to mix & master music.

This series runs over 7 hours in length and is broken into 10 separate sections. I can assure you that there is no other product quite like this, especially at this price. If you are new to mixing and Studio One or even if you have several years experience I know you will find a lot of help, tips and techniques that will help you with your future mixing projects using Studio One.

Mastering Made Easy – $14.95 USD
Complete Beginners Guide to Mastering Music

img_8371Mastering Made Easy – Mastering is one of the most mis-understood processes by beginner and intermediate audio engineers / home recording enthused. My goal with this series was to explain mastering in a very simple and easy to understand way and show you the basics on how to master your music and achieve great results.

If you have been confused by the whole mastering process then this series is for you. Mastering Made Easy runs nearly 3 hours in length and I take you from the very beginning of setting up a mastering session all the way through exporting your finished tracks. I give you several tips and techniques to make mastering simple. I also show you how to use compression, EQ and limiting during the mastering process. Most importantly, I teach you how to “listen” to EQ and compression so you can hear the overall effect on your music.

Finally, I show you how to master your music in ANY DAW so if you do not have a “mastering software package” you can still master your music. Like with all my “MADE EASY” products, these are designed to give you a ton of quality content at a price that is completely un-heard of. I can guaranty you that this is the most “bang-for-buck” product you will ever find. Just visit my website and read all the customer reviews.

Compression Made Easy – $14.95 USD
Beginners Guide to Understanding & Using Compression Effectively

img_8372Compression Made Easy is an amazing in-depth tutorial series on the subject of compression. This series is over 3 hours in length and I take you though all the basic applications of compression and physically how a compressor works. What sets this series way above and beyond ANY other compression video tutorial is I spend a LOT of time teaching you how to “hear” compression and what happens to audio when you compress it.
I also demonstrate the difference between a stock compressor and vintage style compressors. How are they similar, how are they different and most importantly how they sound different. I discuss in length how vintage compressors adds “color” or “character” to a sound and where / when you would use such a compressor. I also cover “parallel drum compression”, “tape saturation” and much more!

This is completely different from any other compression product on the market, I can assure you of that! By the end of this series you will feel like the “confusion cloud has lifted” and you will really understand how compression works and most important how to apply it effectively.

EQ Made Easy – $14.95 USD  Beginners Guide to Understand & Applying EQ

img_8373EQ Made Easy Is the most comprehensive video training series on EQ that I have ever seen for sale ANYWHERE, regardless of price. In this nearly 4 hours of training I show you not only how to use the basic functions of an EQ but I also show many tips & tricks on how to effectively apply EQ to your projects. I leave no stone un-turned and by the end of this video series, you will have a great understanding of how to effectively use EQ.

I spend a lot of time showing you the differences between a stock EQ and vintage style EQ’s. I not only show the physical differences but we spend a lot of time comparing the sound / sonic differences. What’s the difference between the sound of a stock EQ on a snare drum and a Neve Style EQ on that same snare? Well, in this course you will hear that difference! One of my goals for this series is to teach you “what” to listen for and how to tell the different EQ’s apart.

RECORDING Drums Made Easy – $14.95 USD  Beginners Guide to Recording Acoustic Drums – $14.95 USD

img_8365Recording Drums Made Easy is a complete beginners guide on how-to record an acoustic drum kit in a home studio environment and achieve professional drum sounds. I use only affordably priced gear that most home studio owners either already have or have access too. There are a lot of tips, tricks and concepts that most recording engineers would never tell you about.

In this series we are using all Presonus hardware staring with the Studio 192 eight channel audio interface, along with the Digimax DP88 for expansion to sixteen input channels and it’s all being recorded into Presonus Studio One Pro version 3

In this series I tried to leave no stone unturned and give you everything you need to achieve a great drum recording. This series runs nearly 4-hours in length has 14 videos and covers the following topics

– Drum tuning & head replacement
– Sound muffling to control overtones
– Drum set-up & effective placement tips and concepts
– 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10 mic recording techniques (each technique has its own video)
– Learn how-to record through plugins to shape drum sound on the way into the DAW
– How-to use I-Pad apps to control both the Studio 192 & Studio One
– Mixing drums to sound professional.

Mixing Drums Made Easy
Beginners / Intermediate Guide to Mixing Drums – $14.95 USDimg_8366-1

Mixing Drums Made Easy is truly the most comprehensive guide to achieving a professional sounding mix of any product on the market at any price! Near 7 hours in length with 16 video sections, join me as I show you how to mix both a LIVE recorded drum kit as well as a studio recorded drum kit. I use both stock plugins as well as 3rd party plugins in separate sessions so if you are just starting out and only have stock plugins with your DAW, it’s no problem! I show you how achieve amazing results.

As will all my training products it is all filmed in “real-time” so you see EVERYTHING and the most important and valuable part about my MADE EASY SERIES training products is that I not only show you WHAT I am doing but I explain WHY, and in great detail.

You will receive all the audio files so you can follow along with me and at the end of the series you can mix the entire song as I provide you with not only the drum files but the entire song with all the instrumentation.