Looking For Bandmates!


Hello and thanks for taking a look at HOLDFAST!

Its time to start the search for musicians that are intrested in joining me on a take no prisoners assault on the music world. I’m only intrested in performing with people that have true dedication towards writing and performing music. I’m not concerned with age, sex, sexual orientation, color, or any of the other factors that others may use to define what their band will look like. I’m much more interested in what the band sounds like and how we all work together as a team.

If you are intrested please fill out the form below. I dont have a time frame and I wont settle (as you shouldn’t either). I want to play music with the right sort of people so it may take a while. If this page is still active then I’m still looking for the following:

  • A drummer – lots of energy is required back there with a desire to play fast and loud CONSTANTLY. Hardest job in the band…you up for it?
  • A guitarist Or two – I really want to find someone that has a thick dark sound that doesn’t require the use of a 2nd guitarist. I’m not against a rhythm axe but I would prefer to have a lead guitarist that isn’t tripping over thier own ego. Someone that can tone down the lead stuff and just riff the fucking hell out of a song. Singing chops +++

I didnt list a vocalist because I dont want one in this band. That may change down the road once the core of the group is together.


As a group of musicians create and maintain a successful entity and organization that is fun to be a part of and has the structure and collective drive to ensure longevity and continued success.


To write and perform high energy music that is approachable to fans. The musical core will be focused on an aggressive and fasted paced heavy metal tone while maintaining a DIY grassroots PUNK approach that is accessible to people intrested in punk and/or heavy metal. This means fast, dark, and to the point songs that dont linger.

The music should be…

  • simple
  • short (less than 4 minutes)
  • Good hooks
  • simple solos
  • focused on the real world and real feelings
  • distorted
  • fast
  • loud as fuck!


Very simple:

  • Create a stable of ace songs that’ll burn faces off
  • Record, mix, master, release
  • Gig as soon as we can play the songs well together…no waiting
  • Get the music an ourselves in front of as many people as we can
  • Tour
  • Make the needed changes along the way to have success

Still intrested? Are you tired of the game and just want to be successful playing music? While I cant and wont make any guarantees, I do know that to make it to a level that is life sustaining (no side jobs) you need a group that is willing to put in the work in and have some or all of these attributes (no order):

  • Leadership
  • Organizer
  • Planner
  • Musicianship
  • Song Writing
  • Recording
  • Stage presence
  • Social media
  • Promotion
  • Colaboration
  • Relationship builder and maintainer
  • Hard worker

I look forward to meeting you!




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